About Clare Rowley

I'm pleased you've arrived at my website and hope that you'll choose to become a part of my community. I've always felt a strong pull to be creative and that is the best word to describe me after 60 years on planet earth!

I was raised in Southern California, and invented the Creative Feet while still there. Once my business took-off, and to have a more peaceful place to raise my children, I ventured to move in the mountains of Arizona, where I currently reside.

Prior to launching the Creative Feet products, I was a professional reproduction artist at Vanguard Studios, and also worked within the Nursing industry. All the while, creative writing for emotional release and sanity's sake filled my soul. It took some time to complete my novel Beyond the Brushstrokes, A Season of Indecision, but I did and that led to voice recording.

clarerowley.com is a central location where you can select from the different sides of me! Fine artist, author, teacher, inventor, speaker and voice actor and producer and finally, video producer and YouTube content creator.

This website is in the final stages of construction as of 09/26/2023 and will open soon! If you have any questions, EMAIL ME! I look forward to our journey together.