I'm Clare Rowley, and as an Intuitive Psychic Medium I have the following abilities:

  • I can see inside the body and help you know if you're in need of any medical attention. (I can't guarantee to see all issues as this is affected by the sitter's desire to keep some information private.)
  • I can hear, see and communicate with the deceased. Some spirits do not want to come forward.
  • I feel and experience the injury or cause of death in most cases.
  • I can smell and taste what spirit is showing me.

I cannot guarantee a specific spirit will show up. Some spirits show up that you may not want to hear from. This often is because they are making amends for their treatment of you in life.

Be sure to include accurate contact information when ordering so I can reach you.

I am able to conduct readings by appointment.

  • Phone
  • ZOOM
  • In Person

Since age 4, I've seen and heard Spirits and souls from the other-side. I have been guided to write, create art and to send messages for those who are open to receiving their guidance. I am best described as an Intuitive Psychic Medium and have always been a HSP (highly sensitive person). I experience communication with Spirit and Souls in a variety of ways.

Clairaudience, “clear hearing” mediums or channelers and can perceive sounds, words, and noises from the spiritual realm as tones and voices perceived through the physical ear, and within the mind. Clairsentience, “clear emotion.” In those who experience a spiritual message or other people’s pain or emotions. Clair-tangency, “clear touching,” Holding or touching an object and receiving messages through it. Clairalience, “clear smell,” sense smells, food, or perfume when there’s not a physical presence of the substance. Clairvoyance, “clear seeing.”

Clair-cognizance, “unexplainable clear knowing or insights” This is what made me able to invent new products.

This guidance has been a special life-long connection with God, the Universe or Spirit and led me to a life of service.
I am also a fine artist and enjoy Psychic Painting of pets and the heaven that these pets have created.
If you’re interested in a reading or for a pet painting quote (based on size and medium) EMAIL ME or complete the information in the Contact form. PURCHASE YOUR READING HERE